Give Hope


2018 is right around the corner…

And looking back on the combined efforts we’ve all put forth this year we’re SO pleased to see all the lives saved this year – more than 2,500 homeless pets from the greater Waterville Maine area found loving families!  Since our humble beginnings in 1970, the Humane Society Waterville Area (HSWA) has seen both good times and bad – but 2016 has been one of our best years EVER! Teamwork and collaboration with other like-minded organizations deserves much of the credit, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of many supporters like you.

We believe that any animal who can be saved, should be saved. And we are proud to announce that HSWA has become a no kill shelter. 

Our placement rate has now rocketed to over 97%!

Critical medical and life support are provided daily to our shelter residents. Broken bodies, and hearts, illness, and homelessness – we are there for each and every one. At HSWA it’s also a part of our mission, and responsibility to be a safety-net for owned animals in our community, so we additionally extend wellness care and pet food into our service area.

A tremendous amount has been accomplished – but there is still much to do! And we CAN do more – with your continued support.

Please consider donating to the campaign to help homeless pets arriving at HSWA. Together we’re giving these pets a second chance. Animals like Pirelli, Elwood, Wesley and Jamie… please read their stories!

Give Now and give TWICE as much – FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS YOUR DONATION CAN BE DOUBLED!  A generous animal lover and supporter, who is also one of our shelter fosters, has offered to match each and every donation to HSWA between 12/27 – 12/31 at midnight.  i.e.  your gift of $25, plus the matching gift of $25, will become a donation of $50! This will cap out at a $4,000 total donation amount – please help us reach the FULL $4,000 amount for HSWA’s animals!

How to donate:

  • Go to our website; click on the “DONATE: heart button and use with your credit card or PayPal.
  • Call (207) 873-2430; and donate to the matching campaign by phone.
  • Mail a check with a note in the memo field (check postmarked 12/31/16). 100 Webb Rd. Waterville, ME

Make a note in the memo field: “for the Give Hope Matching Campaign”

Whatever your gift, please know it will truly be appreciated!

If you cannot donate at this time, consider providing support in other ways, such as fostering –also very much needed and crucial to getting these deserving animals back on their paws and into a loving home. We encourage you to volunteer, or hold your own fundraiser. Every effort enhances our programs.

Let’s help the new pets whose stories will unfold every single day in the upcoming year.

Peace and happiness in the New Year


PS – Questions?  Call:  (207) 873-2430 and ask to speak to our Acting Director, Rory Routhier, about donations, fostering or volunteering.

PPS – your donation is tax deductible to the legal extent; HSWA is a 501(c) (3) licensed charity.