About Us | Humane Society Waterville Area | Waterville, ME

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Mission Statement

To shelter animals until they find permanent homes, to educate the community about responsible pet ownership, and to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.

We are Located

100 Webb Road
Waterville, Maine 04901
Tel: (207) 873-2430
Fax: (207) 873-1266

Humane Society Board of Directors

President Lauren Kennedy
Vice President Breanna Norris
Treasurer Chris Mitchell
Secretary Deborah Packard
Joann Brizendine
Alan Gluck
Rachel Whitney

The Towns We Service

Albion, Belgrade, Benton, Burnham, Canaan, Clinton, Detroit, Dixmont, Fairfield, Freedom, Hinckley, Knox, Mercer, Oakland, Palmyra, Pittsfield, Shawmut, Sidney, Thorndike, Troy, Unity, Waldo, Waterville, and Winslow.