Capital Campaign 2021

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Capital Campaign 2021

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The Humane Society Waterville Area has changed in so many positive ways over the past two years; we have created new programming such as Doggy Day Trips, Slumber Pups and Angel Fosters, expanded our foster program and fine-tuned our robust social media presence. However, we still need your help. Over the next six months we plan to address multiple facility improvements with your support.

Our goal is to raise $350,000 to support these four major areas:

  • Outdoor dog kennels
  • Parking lot replacement
  • New transport van
  • HVAC improvement

We’re hoping you will consider making a significant donation in support of one, two or all of these worthy projects. We have multiple naming opportunities available and we plan to publish a weekly running list of donors (with permission) on our Facebook page and on our website to show our gratitude.

Our shelter cares for 2,000+ animals each year and our placement rate is an incredible 97.1%. We’re proud to serve our 24 communities and make so many meaningful matches each year.


Our shelter was built on very wet land and the current outdoor dog runs have suffered because of it. None of the dogs in our care have been able to run outside off leash for quite a few years. The current kennels have risen and tilted to the point of being unsafe and unusable.

We’re so excited to have begun working with Midmark out of Ohio to design and install new outdoor dog kennels and two play yards that will abut the end of our building and allow all the dogs in our care to run and play outside. The dogs will be able to socialize, play, sunbathe and enjoy the Maine weather.

Below are the plans. Each kennel is equipped with K9 grass and privacy fencing.

Naming Opportunities
  • 1 Play yard 1 $20,000
  • 2 Play yard 2 $20,000
  • 3 Small Kennel $5,000
  • 4 Small Kennel $5,000
  • 5 Small Kennel $5,000
  • 6 Small Kennel $5,000
  • 7 Small Kennel $5,000
  • 8 Large Kennel $7,500 – SPONSORED
  • 9 Large Kennel $7,500 – SPONSORED
  • 10 Large Kennel $7,500 – SPONSORED
  • 11 Small Kennel $5,000
  • 12 Large Kennel $7,500 – SPONSORED

Contact Lisa Oakes directly to name a kennel or play yard.


After nearly 15 years, our parking lot needs a bit more than a face lift. The pavement itself is cracked in many areas and unsafe in others. More importantly, our building is sinking. The edges of the parking lot have heaved around the facility to the point where some emergency doors don’t open and water comes inside with heavy rain or melting snow.

Our plan is to create a rocky drainage ditch around the building at the same time the paving is redone. We also plan to extend the parking area in back of the building for easier entry and exit for utility vehicles.


Our van has served us well, thanks to the generosity of the Wheeler family 15 years ago. Our van is unsafe at this point with rusted steps, missing or broken window cranks, inefficient/outdated air conditioning and heating and over 150,000 miles.

We plan to purchase a new van this year. This is critical because we travel to southern Maine sometimes multiple times a week to pick up transport dogs or deliver cats for surgery.


We have multiple issues in this area.

Problem: Our cat holding rooms have inconsistent heating and cooling which has led to higher rates of illness.
Solution: Install heat pumps in selected areas for consistent temperatures and ventilation.

Problem: The temperatures throughout the building are inconsistent and the thermostats are outdated.
Solution: Replace all thermostats so they can be programmed through an easily accessible online app.

Problem: We have a well, but the water is not potable for human consumption.
Solution: Houle’s plans to remove redundant fixtures in our boiler room and install an appropriate water filtration system.

We’re so grateful to Houle’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for providing us with a new boiler in 2020, a very generous gift that was an early donation to this capital campaign.

Capital Campaign 2021

Order your Pet Food at and Humane Society Waterville Area will get a $20 donation!