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We are able to help animals and facilitate pet adoptions largely in part from your generous donations. Click to donate to the Humane Society Waterville Area today — we sincerely appreciate any and all donations. Click on the heart below to make a donation to us through PayPal now. You can even setup a recurring donation through PayPal. It’s easy. Feel free to call the Outreach Coordinator at the Shelter if you need assistance.

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We are ALWAYS in need of these items. Please and thank you.
Clorox bleach (not the spill-less type)
Dye-Free Cat dry food, such as Purina Naturals
Dye-Free Kitten dry food
Canned food for kittens and cats, paté style, no fish please
Wood Pellets for cat litter
Forever Postage Stamps
Copy paper
Wand cat toys
Heavy Duty Leashes

And here is our Amazon Wishlist of items:

My Gift List for HSWA Humane Society Waterville Area