Which towns does HSWA serve?
Why adopt a pet from HSWA?
What forms of payment does HSWA accept?
Is there an application process to adopt a pet from HSWA?
How long does the adoption process take?
What do I need to bring to prepare for adopting a new pet?
Does HSWA hold animals?
What is my new pet’s background history?
Does HSWA offer meet and greets?
What should I feed my new pet? What is he or she used to eating at the shelter?
Does HSWA euthanize animals that have been at the shelter too long or are sick or injured?
Does HSWA recommend pet health insurance?
Why do I need to schedule my pet to see the vet within 10 days of adoption?
Where can I take my new pet for veterinary care?
What do I do if my new pet becomes sick or injured after adoption?