Lost Pets

Tips and Tricks

It can be scary when your pet goes missing, but try not to panic. Quick thinking and networking can help you locate your furry friend. You should get the word out to as many people in as many places as soon as possible.

Identification can be key when it comes to locating your pet. We recommend having your pet wear a collar and ID tag (indoor and outdoor pets) with your contact information on it. Microchips are also a great source if your pet goes missing. Please make sure your contact info is kept current for ID tags and microchips.

Check your Home and Neighborhood

The first step you should take when your pet goes missing is to thoroughly search your own home and neighborhood. Talk to your family members and neighbors to see when and where they last saw your pet. Search your home carefully-under beds, in closets, dark places, small spaces, behind furniture, etc. It is possible that your animal is hiding or sleeping somewhere. When you are sure your pet is not in your home, take a slow ride or walk around your neighborhood. Bring a recent photo of your pet to show to neighbors. Check under porches and shrubs. Ask your neighbors to check their sheds and/or garages.

Work the Phones and Internet

After checking your home and neighborhood, you should begin to make calls. Call your local animal control officer, veterinary hospitals, shelters and rescue groups. It is possible that one of these places already has your pet in custody. After calling HSWA, please fill out the form below and upload photos of your pet. Post a photo of your pet on your own social media and ask friends to share it. Reach out to local lost pet and rescue groups and see if they will share information about your lost pet. Maine Lost Dog Recovery is a great resource for lost dogs and Maine Lost Cat Recovery is wonderful for lost cats.

Create a Lost Pet Flyer

Create a flyer with a clear, recent photo of your pet and post it in the community. Make sure your flyer has a large, bold headline that can be read from a distance. List the breed, age, sex, coloring, weight and any distinguishing features of your pet. Include where they were last seen. Provide your name and two contact phone numbers. Start with your own neighborhood and post the flyers on lampposts and trees around where you think your pet was last seen. You should post your flyer in parks, pet supply stores, grooming shops and veterinary offices. You can also ask area businesses to display your flyer. Some options include restaurants and grocery and convenience stores. Concentrate on busy commercial and pedestrian areas of town.

Don’t Give Up!

Many lost animals find their way home. Hopefully by following the steps above, you will soon be reunited with your pet.

Please use the form below to report a lost pet.

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