Shelter Statistics

2017 HSWA Shelter Statistics – Number of live pet intakes:  2,094

Number of Adoptions: 1,328 (335 dogs; 943 cats; 50 smalls)

Number of Return to Owners: 265 (187 dogs; 76 cats; 2 smalls)

Number of Transfers: 464 (9 dogs; 394 cats; 61 smalls)

Number Died at Shelter: 76 (4 dogs; 71 cats; 1 small)

Number of Euthanasia: 27 (13 dogs; 14 cats)

Owner requested Euthanasia: 0


In the ongoing efforts to support pets needing homes in the communities we serve, Humane Society Waterville Area has pledged to save all healthy and treatable animals under our care, not euthanizing an animal for space, age or its length of stay. HSWA is proud to share annual data on the percentage of animals placed into adoptive homes, found & returned to their owners, or transferred to other agencies where adoption prospects were better. As of 2015, HSWA effectively reached no-kill status for pets in our region. We extend our deepest appreciation to all who have worked alongside us to save the lives of these wonderful animals.

2017: 98.7%
2015: 96%
2014: 74%
2013: 67%