The Humane Society Waterville Area requires an individual who wants to surrender an owned pet to schedule an appointment with our team. The goal of HSWA is to help pet owners make an informed decision before they surrender their pet due to financial challenges, destructive or aggressive behavior, an inability to be housetrained, health issues, or because the animal does not get along with children or other pets. We require information about your pet so we can be properly informed when we find them a new home.

Surrenders must be scheduled.

To make an appointment, please call HSWA at (207) 873-2430. We prefer pet owners fill out appropriate paperwork prior to surrender. We have provided forms below, but we also have blank paperwork in our office.

Policies & Pricing

As long as you live in one of the towns with which we contract, we can accept your pet. However, we require you call before bringing your pet to the shelter.

If you live outside our contracting towns, please visit the State of Main Animal Welfare website. The site lists which towns are contracted with which shelters.

We do charge a fee to surrender an owned pet. We do not euthanize animals because of space or at the end of a certain time period. We spay/neuter unaltered dogs and cats, vaccinate, deworm, treat for fleas and perform a wellness test on every animal. We estimate that it costs us between $300 and $500 to place your pet into a loving new home. The nominal fee we charge barely covers our cost to rehome your pet. Below are the associated fees:

Cats: $10
Kittens: $10 or $30 for a litter
Dogs: $50
Puppies: $25 or $60 for a litter
Pocket Pets: $10


There is no charge to bring in a stray animal. As long as the animal has been in your possession for less than 14 days it is considered a stray.  If you are unable to trap the animal, please call the Animal Control Officer in the town where you live.