Unconventional Giving

Have an unwanted vehicle sitting around?

Donate it. Did you know Insurance Auto Auctions in Clinton, ME will auction off your unwanted vehicle and send us the proceeds as a donation?

Does your company offer matching funds for donations?

A lot of employers offer corporate matches to employees’ charitable donations. Check with your manager or HR department to see if this is available to you.

Yard Sale

Do you have a lot of things you don’t use taking up space in your garage? Is your basement full of stuff you haven’t looked at in a long time? Why not tackle the clutter and host a yard sale so you can donate the proceeds! (You could even team up with some friends and make it BIG!)

Bottle Drive

Calling all schools, youth groups, classrooms and offices! Raider Redemption in Winslow and Trafton Road Redemption in Waterville make it easy to raise money for HSWA! Simply drop off your collected bottles at either location and tell them to give the proceeds to us. They give us 6 cents a bottle and mail a check directly to us! 

Loyal Biscuit

Downtown Waterville’s very own pet supply store makes it easy to give. Simply purchase something in store and tell them you want to donate it to HSWA and they will deliver the supplies right to our front door.

Pay it Forward

Did you fall in love with a pet on our adoption floor but can’t take them home for some reason? You can sponsor their stay until they find their forever home by making a donation in their name and help make their stay as comfortable as possible.

50/50 Raffle

You know the drill. At your next sporting event or family reunion sell a bunch of raffle tickets. At the end of the afternoon or evening pick a winner. They take home half the pot and the rest gets donated to HSWA.

Do you have more unconventional fundraising ideas that we haven’t thought of? Send us an email so we can share it here on our website.