How To Get Involved

There are just a few small steps to take in order to start volunteering with us! Please be sure to submit a Volunteer Application, as well as our Volunteer Agreement and Waiver Form. We also ask that you show proof of your Covid Vaccination Record at the time of submitting these forms. Once all forms have been submitted in person at the facility, or emailed to our Volunteer Coordinator at, your application will be reviewed. Your application will be denied if you do not meet the following requirements:

  • You are under the age of 13, or if you’re between the ages 13 -16 and you do not have a parent/guardian’s application submitted as well to accompany you on your shifts.
  • You must fill in your age on our application, if this is skipped, your application will be denied.
  • You have not provided a Covid Vaccination Record
  • You have been convicted of a crime involving Animal Cruelty, Arson, Theft or Domestic Assault.
  • You have identified that you cannot commit to at least one shift per month
  • You have been previously dismissed from volunteer duties before with HSWA

Application Agreement and Waiver