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Volunteer Application

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  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Humane Society Waterville Area! We need assistance in many areas including daily operations, pet socialization, pet fostering, and help during our fundraising events. Please select the volunteer activities that most interest you. Upon receipt of your application, we will call you to set up a time for Volunteer Orientation. Specifics about each activity will be discussed at that time. Information on this form will help us find the most appropriate job for you, but we will also provide appropriate training as necessary. Please print your responses clearly. Thank you again for your interest in HSWA!

    Please note: Volunteers 13-15 years of age must be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by a responsible adult and you must include your date of birth on this application.

  • Availability

  • If interested in a Regular Schedule please check all available time frames below:

  • Community Service, Vocational Rehabilitation, Aspire, etc. (If Applicable)

  • If you were referred to HSWA for court-ordered Community Service or to receive leniency from the courts, a Community Service application will need to be obtained by the Volunteer Coordinator. You will need to be 18 years of age and older to participate in the community service program.

    If you will be volunteering with a Vocational Counselor or Case Manager, he or she must fill out and submit an application before your application can be approved. Please provide the Vocational Counselor or Case Manager’s information to assist with matching up the applications:

  • NOTE: Each counselor or case manager who will be working with you will need to complete a volunteer application and participate in the orientation and training with you.

  • Emergency Information

  • In case of an emergency, please notify:

  • Volunteer Contract

  • I have completed this application and answered all information honestly and accurately. I give permission to the Humane Society Waterville Area to verify any information given on this volunteer application.

    I understand that HSWA reserves the right to conduct background checks on any applicant applying for a volunteer position at HSWA.

    In the event of an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by HSWA to hospitalize, secure proper treatment, and order injections and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for me.

    I hereby agree that the HSWA shall not be held responsible for any injury, accident, or sickness which may occur to me in connection with the volunteer program.

    Confidentiality: It is expected that Humane Society Waterville Area volunteers will not breach any private or confidential information outside of HSWA concerning the animals, abuse cases, customer information, business decisions, and policies of the organization. I agree to comply with the Humane Society Waterville Area.